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Suez Imports and Exports private limited provides International Freight Forwarding and customs cleance, fright broker services by Air, Sea, Road and Rail and has grown steadily over this period to become one of the Sri Lanka leading imports exports, custom clearance and freight forwarding companies.
We have done this by providing consistent, flexible and reliable services for our customer’s business. We are accountable to our customers and strive to provide service excellence.

Over the same period, we have been an member of the global networks, these networks provide worldwide support across many areas of the logistics business. Ultimately, it enables Suez Imports and Exports private limited to work with specialist forwarders in each location, and providing excellent service based on local and international knowledge in each location.

Suez Ceylon Sri Lanka’s largest spice Exporter

Spice up health your life!

As Sri Lanka’s highest quality Spices exporter of locally grown highest quality spices,Suez Imports and Exports private limited
fully committed to delivering the highest quality spices internationally.

Are you in the need of highest quality and reliable price spices? Look no further! Combining years of experience and expertise,Suez Ceylon have become the leading company in the Spices industry of Sri Lanka.

We offer superior standard and organically certified natural spices globally so we have a great reputation in the market. We have the best production facilities to produce and process exceptional quality Suez Ceylon spices that can meet the international market demand effectively.

Due to our professionalism and cost-effective deal, we have successfully built a loyal clientele for our products. Our international clients trust our professional team that makes a difference.

Sri Lanka is the largest producer of the finest quality spices and the only supplier of true cinnamon to the world. You can buy Suez Ceylon spices such as Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Pepper, Ceylon Cloves, Ceylon Nutmeg, and Ceylon Cardamom,
Ceylon Agarwood. They all have their unique aroma and flavor. You must know that Cinnamon is the most significant spice product in the spice sector. Discover the flavour that launched a thousand ships. Sri Lanka is the only source for true Ceylon Cinnamon and our terroir has greatly influenced the flavour of all the Ceylon Spices, making them a distinct ingredient of flavour and fragrance.

Sri Lanka, the only supplier of true cinnamon to the world, had been a global destination for the finest quality spices since time immemorial. Global superpowers in the 15th Century waged war over trading rights for Ceylon Cinnamon and Pepper, making Ceylon Spices, the flavour that launched a thousand ships. Today, Sri Lanka is a leading exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon,Ceylon Pepper, Ceylon Cloves, Ceylon Nutmeg and Ceylon Cardamom, all branded under the geographical indication of Ceylon Spices due to their unique aroma and flavour shaped by the terroir of the country. In addition, spice grown in Sri Lanka.


Vision and value

Suez imports and exports will deliver superior financial returns by providing differentiated and valued services to our customers through integrated customs brokerage, and trade. Compliance and Global freight forwarding services.
Our customers and our employees are our most important assets. Our vision is that suez imports and exports will be the “first choice ” as the service provider for our customers and as the employer for our associates. We will always strive to deliver outstanding quality and operational excellence to ensure we attract, service, and retain both customers and employees.

Suez imports and exports private limited values in action
Values represent what we believe in the Suez imports and exports provide management and staff with direction -guide the way we act and the way we do business. Our co-values set the basis for the way we meet our business objectives in the way we work with each other and the way we interact with clients. Partners, investors, and others. It’s our values that move us forward in our vision at Suez imports and exports private limited we have six core values

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